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Litigation Expenses Insurance – Before or After?

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Insurance for legal expenses has evolved along with CFA’s. Client’s may prefer the new “hybrid” offerings that allow them to pay later. Timing is of the essence and there are ways to attract the most favourable rates.

Insurance as an investment

Appropriate policies are an investment if set up correctly. Some insurance companies will accept payment of the premium after the case is concluded and they have a variety of ways to ensure that it is paid. Typically, client’s that have already assessed they have a good chance of winning the case before approaching the insurance market receive the best terms.

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Getting to know you better…

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Each month the CoreLegal website will be providing an in-depth look at one of it’s service providers.  There will information about their people, asking a few questions and looking for a few top tips and featuring any new products and services they have. The first profile takes a closer look at Jon Hepburn and The Fedora Consultancy, CoreLegal’s marketing experts…

About The Fedora Consultancy

The ‘out-sourced but integrated’ marketing department

Here at Fedora we provide a common-sense, cost-effective approach to help solicitors with their marketing and business development projects. We offer a range of law firm marketing services, including:

  • Preparing strategic marketing plans
  • Brochure and newsletter production
  • Advertising and promotional campaigns
  • Exhibition and event management
  • Online social networking – find out more below.
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The Argument FOR & AGAINST: Using A Legal Bookkeeping Service (Like Boogles)

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So, you’ve got in touch with us because you’re interested in getting in a legal cashier / a legal bookkeeper to give you a hand in your practice. But, we know that as a solicitor, you are keen to make the right decision and so we’re going to help you decide whether the expenses are worth it – presenting the evidence in a clear and easy way…..

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Outsourcing of non-legal services – smaller law firms are beginning to see real benefits and savings

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CoreLegal founder member David Mort, Director at IRN Research (a market research consultancy specialising in advising the legal services sector) reports on the findings  of a survey on outsourcing among smaller law firms

In May 2010, City law firm CMS Cameron McKenna announced that it was outsourcing its non-legal office functions (e.g. accounting and finance, HR, training, IT, marketing & communications, library and information etc) to Integreon in a multi-million pound deal.

In December 2009, Beachcroft and TLT Solicitors joined a third law firm Osborne Clarke in outsourcing their entire library services in another agreement with Integreon to create the first shared information centre in the UK legal sector.

Both these examples are from large law firms but where does outsourcing fit in for the smaller firm?

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Solicitor’s indemnity concerns

on 6 July, 2010 Comments Off on Solicitor’s indemnity concerns -

Some solicitors are still punch drunk from last year.

With fewer insurance companies offering cover this year solicitors need more help than ever. Some are rolling with the punches, others have already given up. Here are the options including the good bad and ugly.

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