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Getting to know you better…

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Now we take a closer look at Jason Cobine and Cobine Carmelson, CoreLegal’s legal insurance experts. In addition to blogs and hot topics, the CoreLegal website will be providing an in-depth look at each one of its service providers.  There will be information about the people, a few questions, a few top tips and new products and surprisingly inventive promotions.


About Cobine Carmelson

Not just Insurance – Reassurance

Cobine Carmelson provide an Independent safe pair of hands using a unique approach to help solicitors and their clients with insurance that does what they want it to. By determining exactly what is required they ensure you avoid insurance disputes that affect income, assets or reputation. Services include finding the right protection and managing all claims through to conclusion. All client concerns are addressed personally. Here are some of the insurances they are asked to find:

  • Solicitors Indemnity
  • Litigation Expenses
  • Legal Defence costs
  • Compensation Awards
  • Intellectual property protection
  • Asset protection
  • Property Damage
  • Loss of rent
  • Loss of income


Typically, the people we have helped had already investigated insurance yet were not 100% certain it was a good fit. Others were concerned that their current supplier may not be working hard enough. Whilst we’d love to help everybody, naturally, what we do is not for everyone. We start the ball rolling with a free initial telephone consultation to ascertain if anything we do will provide any benefit.


About Jason

‘Insurance companies provide insurance – my role is not provide reassurance that it’s the right thing and prove it by seeing claims through to a fair settlement.’


I’m Jason Cobine, founder of Cobine Carmelson, an independent Insurance Broker helping law firms who want to make sure they have the right cover or add high quality insurance services to the service they already offer to their clients. In the past I worked with local, national and international brokers and helped many solicitors secure cover that does what they want.


I am a member of the Institute of Insurance Brokers with over 21 years experience as an insurance broker. I was probably London's last teaboy. I’m also a keen networker which means I have a huge resource of experts to help my clients with issues that crop up when we are making sure they can meet the terms and conditions applied by any insurance company we recommend.


Taking questions…


What’s the biggest challenge you’ve seen a solicitor face?  Indemnity Insurance has become hard to find meaning the dreaded ARP is a real concern. Litigation Expenses insurance has been termed as a “minefield” of terms and conditions by those that requested our help.

What made you join Core Legal? I am delighted to be working with others who can provide “best of breed” services to friends and clients. Word of mouth introductions are important to my business and my clients. 

What’s it like to work with solicitors? They are very careful and understand that the devil is in the detail. Insurance is a contract and solicitors understand the need to get it right. It’s a trust relationship rather than transactional. 

How have you overcome any obstacles that you faced? 

Always having the end result in mind – with insurance that means getting claims paid. That is achieved by matching the concerns of the client with the policies that are available.


Jason’s Top Tips


  • Keep asking your supplier why?: There are reasons why insurance companies refuse applications for insurance or decline or reduce claims. 
  • Don’t just consider price! When insurance is offered to you make a call to the claims department. If they don’t offer the service you expect to receive when you most need them your investment is wasted.
  • Review your risks: Steady reduction of risks to your operation will ensure the terms and conditions applied by insurance companies improve over time.


What’s New from Cobine Carmelson?


Cobine Carmelson have built relationships with experts in insurance risk reduction for law firms. It helps secure the best terms. A free consultation is available for those we think we can help. Call 0207 371 2812 for details.

We also like to be inventive. The first 10 law firms that request assistance will also receive a free business networking consultation for themselves or a client of their choice. This is followed by a bespoke 1 hour workshop designed to help generate profitable introductions from networking effectively:

Choose from one of the following:

  • I want to develop IMMEDIATE INTEREST in my firm when networking
  • I want to be introduced to my TARGET CLIENTS
  • I want my firm to be seen as GREAT networkers
  • I want my STAFF to generate introductions
  • I want a network of INTRODUCERS
  • I don’t want to miss OPPORTUNITIES when networking
  • I don’t want to be seen as selling and damage my BRAND
  • I don’t want to waste TIME and MONEY at networking events


‘I was impressed by Jason's expert and broad knowledge of the insurance industry. These, together with his incredible networking skills, make him a very impressive operator indeed.” Piers Strickland, Partner, STRICKLAND LLP

Book a 15 minute telephone appointment to find out if anything we do will benefit you, on a no commitment basis. If you decide to proceed, we will work out the next step together.


To find out more about how we can help your law firm call 0207 371 2812 or Jason on 07817 252226 for an exploratory chat.


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Solicitors frustrated by indemnity hard sell

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Now silly season is upon us, I thought I would update you on what is actually happening in the solicitor’s indemnity market. I know quite a few solicitors and I understand their frustrations. Rather than wax lyrical, I’m going to stick to the good, the bad and the ugly in the current market.

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Getting you know you better – Roger J Gould

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The third of our in-depth look at our service providers meets Roger Gould, CoreLegal’s copywriter extraordinaire. We find out more about Roger, the services he offers, we get a ‘top tip’ and valuable insights into the need for a consistent approach to your firm’s written communications.

Roger J Gould

One of the older guys in the CoreLegal team, I have many years writing experience as well as teaching English. I was a late entrant to that particular gladiatorial discipline having spent an earlier lifetime in industry and commerce, starting in the offices of a multi-national who found me useful as a company secretarial assistant. I enjoy working with lawyers because they generally have no idea how impenetrable is the writing they offer me.

Question: What’s the difference between a cat and a solicitor? (Answer at the end of the article)

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Getting you know you better – IRN Research

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In the second of our in-depth look at our service providers we meet David Mort from IRN Research, CoreLegal’s market research experts. There’s a profile of David, we get a few top tips from him and we feature a brand new service available from IRN.

IRN Research

Cost-effective but robust market research for law firms

We have a strong track record in working with law firms to produce meaningful research results and recommendations that can be used to support your strategic planning and business development, i.e. measure service performance, use client feedback to find new sales opportunities, identify new client groups, highlight and monitor business sectors to target. Our range of research services include:

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Do Solicitors’ Practices have a value?

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In the second of four articles, CoreLegal founder member Ray Fox (from the Bottom Line Consultancy) provides more insights into his specialist work as acting as a broker selling Law Firms.

A few years ago, I was approached by a well known major City Law Firm.  They had a Client who was married to a Solicitor who she was divorcing.  She wanted to know what the Practice was worth in order to negotiate a realistic settlement…

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