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The proposed new SRA regulations – ‘fudged’ not ‘focused’?

on 30 November, 2010 3 comments so far -

A deafening silence when there should be debate…

The Solicitors Regulation Authority has today published the ‘final draft’ of its move to principles-based regulation, which will see a radical overhaul of the current code of conduct, abolishing many of the current detailed rules in favour of 10 broad principles…. From Law Gazette 20/10/10

The proposed regulations appear fudged not focused. The previous ‘tick box’ method did not improve standards, but did give lawyers certainly as to compliance. It is assumed that non-compliance with these significant regulatory changes is not an option but currently there seems to be negligible interest. Is it unclear what is expected by the new rules? Are they being ignored for a reason or is the profession ready to adapt to the new regime?

The purpose of this document:

Do you want to be part of an entirely independent discussion using social media and discussion groups? The aim is to identify the key issues, clarify and categorise them, to form a consensus on compliance. The objective is to help provide constructive solutions to help law firms demonstrate compliance and quantifiable improvements in service to both the SRA and your clients.

We are seeking a rapid response from solicitors, service providers to law firms and other stakeholders. Your feedback would be welcome.

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