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on 18 January, 2011 1 comment so far -

You always read about how important it is to get bookkeeping systems in place, why you need to have a good bookkeeper, how to find a good cashier, but this article is different.

Lisa Newton, founder of CoreLegal and the Boogles bookkeeping franchise, recounts some real life solicitors’ bookkeeping horror stories. Names and dates have been changed to protect the innocent. When it goes wrong it can go very, very wrong…

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Master of None?

on 10 January, 2011 No comments yet -

Roger J Gould, CoreLegal copywriting expert, considers that endangered species – the Lesser Spotted Sole Practitioner.

As a breed it is threatened by the Greater Earning Diversified Bustard and the Avaricious Actuary, both of which tread it so regularly that it must devise new strategies to survive…

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