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August 22nd 2012 – CoreLegal Seminar (3 hours CPD) focuses on Solicitors’ PI Renewal

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PI Renewal time – it’s here. If you’re “Close, but no cigar…” with your PI renewal, attending this seminar could help you avoid alot of the pitfalls. Welcome to ‘The Good, The Bad and The Ugly’…

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Thinking of disposing of your law firm? Well, don’t get ripped off.

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A tale of woe about a solicitor who didn’t take professional advice about the sale/merger of his law firm – who learned a very expensive lesson. From CoreLegal founder member Ray Fox from the Bottom Line Consultancy – a specialist in helping Solicitors sell, merge or value their practices.

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So you want to be a Non Executive Director? Why?

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Founder member of CoreLegal Ray Fox takes a look at a subject that might seem a simple question, but actually, for many people it’s quite hard to answer. 

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Marketing basics for law firms: No.1 – A client database

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As an existing provider of legal services, you have an advantage over any new competition. That is, a bank of customers who already know you and are doing business with you. Law firms need to be proactive – the new competition, those big ‘High street’ brands will also be targeting your clients – as their customers. Insurance companies don’t assume you’ll renew your premium – they get in touch.

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