Advertising for law firms – 9 tips for an effective campaign

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Very much at the visible end of the marketing spectrum advertising is often done badly, expensively and without proper consideration of what a law firm is trying to achieve in the long-term.

In part 1 of a two-part article, Jon Hepburn from the Shropshire-based Fedora Consultancy point out how to make your campaign a success and avoid the pitfalls.

Advertising has an important role to play in bringing your product or services to the attention of potential clients. It performs a number of functions including profile-raising, communicating particular messages and positioning your firm in the marketplace.

1) The basics – when to use advertising

  • To raise the firm’s profile within a particular target market.
  • To communicate specific branding or positioning messages.
  • To raise awareness of something new (a new service, case won, event etc ).
  • To generate leads and new opportunities.

2) Planning – the key to advertising success

To maximise its effectiveness, your advertising campaigns should be part of a strategic communications plan. Consider the following:

  • What is your firm trying to achieve?
  • Make your campaign relevant to each product/service you offer and identify the best way of reaching the identified target audience.
  • 2+2=5. Co-ordinating advertising with a creative and original PR campaign will have greater momentum and impact.This is essential as the average person is exposed to thousands of promotional message daily.

3) Getting maximum value and impact for your campaign

  • Create and build awareness quickly by investing in more adverts at the start of the campaign, then reducing the frequency.
  • Spending a large amount on advertising for short periods, then doing none for a long period is counter-productive.
  • If budget is available, a more continuous approach to advertising throughout the year works better for existing services.

4) Putting it into practice –  client case study

  • Opposite  are recent adverts from long-running campaign in ‘Etc’, a monthly regional lifestyle magazine for a law firm client.
  • The advert is seasonal (it changes quarterly) and the message focuses on private client services.
  • The campaign has helped GWCA Solicitors maintain their position as one of the leading law firms in West Sussex.

In part two next month, lots more including ‘finding your partner’; ‘testing, testing…’; ‘QR codes and getting traffic to your website’

To find out more please contact Jon  Hepburn at The Fedora Consultancy on 01743 366288 or visit

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