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‘Claims, blame and regulatory change’. Rebuilding reputations

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The Government is now implementing a significant reduction in accident claim litigation fees awarded to personal injury solicitors.  These changes which, if adopted will result in a predicted 60% drop in income for many law firms involved in personal injury matters. Few will have sympathy for lawyers, but the consequences of this change could be far reaching.

Founder CoreLegal  member of Jon Hepburn from The Fedora Consultancy takes a look at how the current situation has emerged. This article is extracted from a recently published briefing document on reputation issues affecting law firms and solicitors. 

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Fighting the (financial) flab – costs that creep up (almost) unnoticed

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 When you’re running a business the costs can creep up when we’re not looking… (a little bit like putting on weight)… the next thing we know, we’re tied into contracts and weighed down by large overheads and we wonder how we got there?!

Lisa Newton (CoreLegal founder member and founder of Boogles Ltd, the London-based specialist bookkeeping service for solicitors and barristers) offers her latest perspective on what can be the difference between profit and loss for  law firms.

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This press release is presented on behalf of LegallyBetter –  the interactive solicitor directory and client feedback service co-founded by the Fedora Consultancy and IRN Research, both founder members of Corelegal.

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May 25th 2012 – CoreLegal Seminar Focuses On Business Growth for High Street Law firms

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CoreLegal has brought together three leading speakers in their field to stage a half-day (3 hour CPD) seminar in London for law firms. The event is to discuss the highly topical question of ‘How To Grow Your Practice – By Organic Growth, Merger Or Acquisition?’…

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Outsourcing for Smaller Law Firms: Core Legal White Paper – Part 1 of 4

on 15 September, 2011 No comments yet -

Outsourcing some or all of your non-legal activities and tasks sounds great in theory – it can save you money and allows you to focus on the thing you do best, i.e. being a good lawyer. But is it really that simple? Find out below in Part 1 of the CoreLegal White Paper about ‘Outsourcing for Smaller Law Firms’.

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Spreadsheets v legal accounts packages

on 6 July, 2011 No comments yet -

So, lets picture the scene. You are a sole practitioner and have just set up your new solicitors practice. There was a choice you had to make:

1/ Research and invest in legal accounts package

2/ Put the records on a spreadsheet

What are the implications of this choice…?

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