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August 22nd 2012 – CoreLegal Seminar (3 hours CPD) focuses on Solicitors’ PI Renewal

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PI Renewal time – it’s here. If you’re “Close, but no cigar…” with your PI renewal, attending this seminar could help you avoid alot of the pitfalls. Welcome to ‘The Good, The Bad and The Ugly’…

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One Missed Day Makes Merger Costs Soar – Broker Claims

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Law practice merger costs are frequently far higher than they should because of avoidable poor planning, claims broker Jason Cobine of Cobine Carmelson, the legal insurance brokers.

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Solicitors frustrated by indemnity hard sell

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Now silly season is upon us, I thought I would update you on what is actually happening in the solicitor’s indemnity market. I know quite a few solicitors and I understand their frustrations. Rather than wax lyrical, I’m going to stick to the good, the bad and the ugly in the current market.

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Litigation Expenses Insurance – Before or After?

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Insurance for legal expenses has evolved along with CFA’s. Client’s may prefer the new “hybrid” offerings that allow them to pay later. Timing is of the essence and there are ways to attract the most favourable rates.

Insurance as an investment

Appropriate policies are an investment if set up correctly. Some insurance companies will accept payment of the premium after the case is concluded and they have a variety of ways to ensure that it is paid. Typically, client’s that have already assessed they have a good chance of winning the case before approaching the insurance market receive the best terms.

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Solicitor’s indemnity concerns

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Some solicitors are still punch drunk from last year.

With fewer insurance companies offering cover this year solicitors need more help than ever. Some are rolling with the punches, others have already given up. Here are the options including the good bad and ugly.

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