Cloud computing for law firms.

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The big IT question most Partners and Senior IT professionals in law firms are considering today is “Would a move to the ‘cloud’ be right for my Practice or should we stick with a traditional ‘inhouse’ installation?”.

Joanne Hunter, Head of Marketing at Select Legal Systems Limited (one of three recent new CoreLegal members) gives a quick overview of this issue and details some of their solutions. Find out more below.

As a specialist software supplier to the legal profession for 20 years, offering both cloud and in-house options, Select Legal Systems are in a great position to help you find the right answer to this key question.

LAWFUSION –  our flagship product, a suite of case and practice management software designed specifically for law firms, is available as a hosted service on the Select Legal cloud or as a traditional ‘inhouse’ installation.


MICROSOFT OFFICE ON THE CLOUD TOO – Of course, it’s not just your case and practice management, the Microsoft Office suite integrates extensively with the LAWFUSION Fee Earner Desktop in terms of Outlook for your emails and of course Word and Excel etc. etc. If you go for the cloud option, all of this comes to you on the cloud too.


A UNIQUE DECISION – We have hundreds of satisfied users in both camps happily relying on LAWFUSION to run and grow their businesses. Although highly experienced for many years implementing the traditional inhouse solution, our company was one of the first legal IT suppliers to offer a cloud option to lawyers back in 2008. But cloud is not right for every firm. Your situation is unique and there is much to consider.


FREE, NO-OBLIGATION, COST-BENEFIT ANALYSIS – If you feel you have outgrown your current software and it’s time to replace it, or your servers are coming up for renewal, or you are just plain curious as to how the cloud scenario would pan out financially for you – then we look forward to hearing from you. We are offering to work with you to produce a free, no obligation ‘cost-benefit analysis’ so you can compare the two options and make the right decision.


SHARING EXPERIENCES – We will also share with you our experiences working with a wide variety of law firms. Many LAWFUSION users have grappled with the same decision in the past and we have helped them all come to the right decision for them. We can help you too with the key considerations you need to take into account if you are seriously considering a move to the cloud.


CLOUD COMPUTING – Of course, there is currently a global shift towards cloud computing across all industries, not just the legal profession. The provision of computing services over the internet, as such, is nothing new. Remote application hosting has been available for many years. What has changed though, during recent years, is the advent of faster more reliable broadband connections. This is fundamentally what has fired the uptake of cloud computing and the main drivers are the desire to cut overheads for local IT costs (server hardware, software licences, support staff etc.), extra resilience in terms of disaster recovery and access anywhere.


CASE STUDIES – For a selection of LAWFUSION case studies please visit our website:

If you would like to work with us to produce a cost-benefit analysis for ‘cloud’ vs ‘inhouse’, or you’d simply like to talk to us about LAWFUSION and IT in general – here’s how to contact us:

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