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Speakers include – Andrew (preventing Cyber Risks), Dale Hilton (Professional Negligence lawyer), Jason Cobine of Carmel Cobineson (Insuring Against Cyber Risk), Yvonne Codner (Anti Money Laundering, Counter Terrorism Financing and Bribery & Corruption) & Ray Fox of The Bottom Line Consultancy (Selling / Buying Law Firms)  – preventing risk of bogus buyers & sellers.



Cyber Crime – don’t be a victim!!

A solicitor has told the BBC that being tricked into transferring £750,000 of client money to criminals has left her life in ruins. Sole practitioner Karen Mackie has been suspended from working, declared bankrupt, and faces the prospect of losing her home. She is the latest victim of “vishing” in which criminals pose as bank security teams. (Read the full story here)

Criminals are targeting legal practices overseeing large sums of money.

Are you:

  • Worried that IT say there are no ways in yet you know that nothing can ever be 100%?
  • Frustrated with the lack of real guidance on what steps to take to reduce “cyber risk”?
  • Concerned about phishing, vishing, social engineering or being targeted by criminals?
  • Annoyed that losses have not been insured by Solicitors insurers?


Hacking into email accounts and impersonating the owners to steal money, inforPaul-and-Ann-Lupto_3303957bmation or both is a growing form of crime. It cost Paul and Ann Lupton the entire proceeds of their property sale in south London, for £340,000 – read the full story here.


At a recent event, when the question was asked in a room of Solicitors if anyone had suffered a “cyber attack”, nearly every hand went up. It’s true that the legal profession are in the highest of risk categories, and it’s because they hold everything that criminals like. Client money, own money, personal and or confidential data, trade secrets, own and third party intellectual property and the number one prize for criminal gangs, highly confidential or “case winning” information.

Despite this, SRA attempts to plug the gap have fallen on stony ground.

Do attend our seminar to:

  • Learn about what you can do to prevent yourself from being a victim
  • Learn the cyber risks specific to solicitors
  • Get an insurers advice regarding your own personal responsibility
  • What cover might be available under traditional policies e.g. PI, D&O, Property, Crime and
  • Prevention of claims of negligence (because you didn’t hold clients details safe and secure)

Plus, gain knowledge and insight into preventing yourself from being a victim of crime and fraud in general. In an ever-increasing environment whereby many firms are just paddling very hard to stay still, certain instances could slip through the cracks. Criminals are becoming increasingly sophisticated.  We will also cover:

  • Anti money laundering
  • Counter terrorist financing
  • Bribery & corruption

How well do you know your client? Could you be a target for money laundering? What ‘tricks’ do criminals use? How have other solicitors, barristers, bankers, professionals been targeted? What should you do? What to look out for? How do you stay safe?

In addition, Ray Fox, Principal of The Bottom Line Consultancy (the UK’s leading specialist in selling, merging and valuing law firms) will host the seminar, and share some pearls of wisdom about what to do to buy and/or sell your law firm. What is your firm worth? How do you increase its value? What to look for when buying a firm? How to present your firm in the best way for a speedier sale? And how do you avoid fraudulent /bogus buyers who simply want to steal your information / data and have no intention of ‘buying’ your firm?

All attendees will receive a complimentary copy of our book:  ‘Running A Successful Law Firm. Strategies and Tips for Success’ on the day.

Do book early to avoid disappointment. Refreshments will be served and there will be a complimentary bar from 5-6pm after the seminar, so please don’t rush off at the end – stay and network.

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