“Everything changes but you…”

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New CoreLegal member Caroline Newman (Founder and CEO of Lawdacity™)  gives some law firm leadership insights in advance of her presence at a Strategic Leadership Forum on 24th October. The event includes Professor Stephen Mayson and former dragon James Caan. Caroline will be co-chairing three of the workshops and Lawdacity™ will be exhibiting at the event.


I never thought I’d ever quote a boy band (man band?) but when it comes down to it, lawyers are not known for their adaptability. Which is a tragedy because, as a profession, we’re going to have to make some radical changes to the way we work. Especially when it comes to leading our practices and chambers through the new regulatory environment and facing up to new competition.


The legal landscape is changing forever and that’s why effective leadership is so important. Leadership has always been about moving things forward, whether that be in society, in battle or, indeed, in business. But times change, and our strategies must adapt accordingly.


As Gandhi said, “I suppose leadership at one time meant muscles; but today it means getting along with people.” Today’s leaders, and that includes lawyers, must be pragmatic and embrace change if they are to succeed.


With that in mind, on 24th October, I will be at the Strategic Leadership Forum organised by NetlawMedia, Professor Stephen Mayson and Partners Club. I will be co-chairing three of the workshops for Leaders, Partners and Heads of Department, exhibiting and listening out for words of wisdom from the line-up of speakers including ex-dragon James Caan.


If you’ve been lucky enough to book your place (the event is now sold out), I’d love to see you at my stand or in the workshops.


Find out more about Lawdacity™ at www.lawdacity.com or email info@lawdacity.com


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