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Each month the CoreLegal website will be providing an in-depth look at one of it’s service providers.  There will information about their people, asking a few questions and looking for a few top tips and featuring any new products and services they have. The first profile takes a closer look at Jon Hepburn and The Fedora Consultancy, CoreLegal’s marketing experts…

About The Fedora Consultancy

The ‘out-sourced but integrated’ marketing department

Here at Fedora we provide a common-sense, cost-effective approach to help solicitors with their marketing and business development projects. We offer a range of law firm marketing services, including:

  • Preparing strategic marketing plans
  • Brochure and newsletter production
  • Advertising and promotional campaigns
  • Exhibition and event management
  • Online social networking – find out more below.

For new clients we start the ball rolling with a free initial consultation session to ascertain the key issues affecting their firm and to gain insight into what makes their clients tick. Implementation and support can be provided on an individual project or retainer basis.

About Jon

‘Common-sense advice, positive thinking.’

I’m Jon Hepburn, founder of The Fedora Consultancy, a specialist provider of marketing and business development services for law firms. In the past I worked as Marketing and Sales Manager for an after-the-event insurance company, dealing with a wide range of law firms.

I am a member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, a Chartered Marketer with over 20 years experience within a variety of marketing disciplines, and also a member of the Law Management Section of the Law Society.

Taking questions…

What’s the biggest challenge you’ve seen a solicitor face? The real impact of the Legal Services Act is just around the corner…

What made you join Core Legal? A meeting of like minds, exchanging ideas and helping solicitors meet the many challenges ahead.

What’s it like to work with solicitors? Rewarding, challenging – worth the effort. Occasionally an expression containing the words ‘horse’ and ‘water’ comes to mind…

How have you overcome any obstacles that you faced? Determination. I am passionate about the power of good marketing practices.

Jon’s Top Tips

  • Existing clients are your goldmine: They’re your customers, get in touch. Build a dialogue with them and maximise your reputation.
  • Get involved! Online legal services are here now – it’s additional business, so get involved!
  • HOW you communicate is as important as WHAT you communicate: Technical excellence alone is not enough.

What’s New from Fedora?

Wordsworth is a new service from Fedora that saves law firms a great deal of time and effort – whether you are looking to increase your internet profile or looking to integrate different marketing activities or improve the return on your investments.

The explosion of marketing opportunities via the internet and social media (e-mail newsletters, blogs, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn) poses small businesses with increasing challenges and choices in getting their message across. Using our blend of skills in marketing, communications and social media – and depending on your particular needs – we work with you to:

  • IDENTIFY and write your company’s news stories, marketing messages, etc
  • CHOOSE online networking tools suitable for reaching different audiences
  • TARGET customers with relevant news, blogs, case studies, etc
  • MEASURE the effectiveness utilising web analytics
  • GENERATE increased traffic to your website.

‘We are recent converts to the benefits of online networking and looking to reach and interact with our client base and wider audience in the business community. We believe that the Wordsworth service can be of real help here and look forward to working with Fedora on this project.’ James Nicholls, principal solicitor at Nicholls & Co. (Shrewsbury based specialist insolvency and business recovery law firm)

The Wordsworth website can be found at Book a FREE appointment to find out more, on a no commitment basis. If you decide to proceed, we will work with you to explore your goals and needs, and then implement activities tailor-made to your priorities. Prices start from £95 per month.


To find out more about how we can help your law firm call me on 01743 366288 or 07721 402700 for your FREE initial consultation. 

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