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In the second of our in-depth look at our service providers we meet David Mort from IRN Research, CoreLegal’s market research experts. There’s a profile of David, we get a few top tips from him and we feature a brand new service available from IRN.

IRN Research

Cost-effective but robust market research for law firms

We have a strong track record in working with law firms to produce meaningful research results and recommendations that can be used to support your strategic planning and business development, i.e. measure service performance, use client feedback to find new sales opportunities, identify new client groups, highlight and monitor business sectors to target. Our range of research services include:

  • Client satisfaction surveys
    Examples: these range from low-cost online surveys through to detailed face-to-face discussions with corporate legal teams
  • Analysis of specific business sectors
    Example: research for regional law firm to identify key growth sectors in region and assess potential demand for legal services in these sectors
  • Competitor profiles and competitive intelligence
    Example: law firm looking to move into new practice area in Thames Valley required independent analysis of existing law firms in the market
  • Regional and local market reports
    Example: West Midlands law firm looking to increase services to SMEs required survey of SME demand for legal services, awareness of existing services etc.
  • Demographic and consumer surveys
    Examples: We can prepare bespoke surveys to order of specific consumer groups (i.e. by age, location, social group etc) to explore specific issues. Recent surveys have covered use of online legal services, ways consumers look for solicitors etc.

IRN Research is a Market Research Society Company Partner. All MRS Company Partners and their employees agree to adhere to the MRS Code of Conduct and MRS Company Partner Quality Commitment whilst undertaking research

More about David Mort

I’m David Mort, one of the 3 co-founders and co-owners of IRN Research. I have been working with professional services firms, including law firms, accountants, and management consultants, for over 20 years helping them to use market research to give them a competitive edge.

Before setting up IRN in 1991, I worked in the information industry and, as a result, I have a good understanding of legal publishing and information and the leading legal information suppliers.

Taking questions

What’s the biggest challenge you’ve seen a solicitor face? Legal market liberalisation, regulatory upheaval, and increased competition, mean that the biggest challenges have still to come …. but forward-thinking and flexible law firms will survive.

Do you work alone? No, we have a team of experienced researchers, interviewers, and project managers not only in the UK but also overseas.

What made you join Core Legal? It is a group of experienced and innovative professionals like me and our range of complementary services means we will become a key resource for legal support services.

What’s it like to work with solicitors? Sometimes frustrating, sometimes enlightening – contrary to some public perceptions not all solicitors are the same.

David’s Top Tips

  • Don’t treat market research as a luxury – It is a key part of the business development process and the first place to start is with existing clients.
  • Budget sensibly – Research fees vary from just a few hundred to thousands of pounds so you do not have to make a big hole in your budget. But be realistic, and don’t cut corners.
  • Act on research findings and try and use for PR – Don’t let research results gather dust … act quickly on key research findings whether you like the results or not! If appropriate, use any non-confidential results for PR and publicity about your firm.

What’s new from IRN Research?

In-house training sessions for law firms
As well as our market research services, IRN is now offering in-house bespoke training sessions for a law firm’s staff, or shared training sessions for groups of law firms or law firm networks on 2 topics: Market Research; Legal and Business Information Sources.

These training sessions start at £400 (plus VAT) for up to 10 participants.

Market Research training example sessions:

  • Why MR matters, core MR tools, and starting points
  • From client satisfaction surveys to strategic surveys
  • Free, DIY, and low-cost options for market research
  • The do’s and don’ts of market research
  • Examples of law firm market research projects

Legal and Business Information Training example sessions:

  • Review of core legal and business information sources, e.g. LexisNexis, Westlaw,
    Practical Law Co, Jordan, Justis, Wolters Kluwer etc (sources can be added on request)
  • Emerging pricing options and deals for smaller law firms and possibilities for shared services
  • Free information – what is available and how good is it?
  • Web 2.0 and beyond Google – a consideration of the usefulness as information sources of legal networking sites, discussion lists etc, plus a look at new search engines, vertical search engines etc.
  • Practical demonstrations of specific sources

Just contact us for more details or any specific topics you would like included in your training sessions and we will customise the training to fit your needs.


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