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August 22nd 2012 – CoreLegal Seminar (3 hours CPD) focuses on Solicitors’ PI Renewal

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PI Renewal time – it’s here. If you’re “Close, but no cigar…” with your PI renewal, attending this seminar could help you avoid alot of the pitfalls. Welcome to ‘The Good, The Bad and The Ugly’…

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Marketing basics for law firms: No.1 – A client database

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As an existing provider of legal services, you have an advantage over any new competition. That is, a bank of customers who already know you and are doing business with you. Law firms need to be proactive – the new competition, those big ‘High street’ brands will also be targeting your clients – as their customers. Insurance companies don’t assume you’ll renew your premium – they get in touch.

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May 25th 2012 – CoreLegal Seminar Focuses On Business Growth for High Street Law firms

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CoreLegal has brought together three leading speakers in their field to stage a half-day (3 hour CPD) seminar in London for law firms. The event is to discuss the highly topical question of ‘How To Grow Your Practice – By Organic Growth, Merger Or Acquisition?’…

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Reviewing the role of the comparison site for law firms

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Jon Hepburn, a founder member of CoreLegal  and Managing Director of Legallybetter Ltd takes a look at the role of comparison sites for law firms – in terms of consumer’s usage for legal advice and other industry sectors, OFR compliance, the new competition and maximising a law firm’s reputation.

In many industry sectors, comparison and review websites are one of the main channels through which a business can connect with its customers. Who hasn’t checked out reviews of a film, book or washing machine before typing in our card details and proceeding to the checkout?

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Corelegal seminar this month focuses on OFR

on 2 November, 2011 No comments as yet -

CoreLegal have come together with two of the leading speakers in their field to stage a half-day CPD seminar in London on Monday 28th November. The seminar takes as its subject the highly topical question of ‘Outcomes Focused Regulation’ (OFR)

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E-newsletters: ‘Raise the bar and ditch the junk’

on 18 October, 2011 1 comment so far -

Business-to-business, e-newsletters have become the ubiquitous communication channel. Quick and easy to create, they are a cost-effective and speedy way of reaching  clients and prospects.

But they are often done badly, with little thought for the needs or interests of the recipient and ignoring best practice. Jon Hepburn from the Fedora Consultancy looks at some of the key preparation areas to consider when planning a campaign.

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Delays for Alternative Business Structures (ABSs) but Outcome Focused Regulations (OFR) are just around the corner

on 5 September, 2011 1 comment so far -

An Update on Progress by David Mort, IRN Research

In October 2011, Core Legal is planning a half-day CPD-accredited workshop in London offering practical advice and guidance to law firms and solicitors on how to achieve Outcome Focused Regulation (OFR) and deal with Compliance.

If you would like advance details of this event please contact

In the meantime, Core Legal member David Mort of IRN Research provides a quick update on the anticipated changes coming soon covering both OFR and ABSs:

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Measuring client satisfaction – will your law firm comply with new SRA regs?

on 13 July, 2011 No comments as yet -

The forthcoming SRA rule changes will see client satisfaction measurement become an important part of regulatory compliance and will require law firms to improve their client feedback processes.

Jon Hepburn, founder of The Fedora Consultancy and Managing Director of Legallybetter Ltd takes a brief look at the relevant legislation, the implications for law firms and the benefits of the new service from Legallybetter.

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How do you value a law firm?

on 11 July, 2011 No comments as yet -

Ray Fox (from the Bottom Line Consultancy) sets about answering a question on the lips of many in the legals services sector. “It’s truly amazing how many times I get asked this question. There’s an old saying that if you ask 100 accountants a question, you’ll get 101 answers.  The problem with valuing law firms is that everyone has a different view and a different perspective.” Click below to read more…

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One Missed Day Makes Merger Costs Soar – Broker Claims

on 22 February, 2011 No comments as yet -

Law practice merger costs are frequently far higher than they should because of avoidable poor planning, claims broker Jason Cobine of Cobine Carmelson, the legal insurance brokers.

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