Is your brand stereotyped?

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Frequently solicitors gain reputations in one field when they would also welcome work in several others to keep their offices busy. Few solicitors have not been exasperated to find a client has used another firm, for work they could have done, through the client’s mistaken perception of their abilities.

Maybe you are a solicitor who rejoices in your specialism – you have carved out a niche practice and people beat a path to your door. This article is not for you. This is for solicitors for whom the words “I didn’t know you did that.” are the sound of fees going to another firm.

To rectify this requires a proactive strategy, to educate your clients in your range of services and to ensure that, when they need legal services, they think of you first. It is unusual to find a practice these days without a client database, many like Perfect Software incorporate it into their accounts system, but if you do not have one, then it’s time to hire some help and build one from your records. You need that list.

Now you can begin to plan a campaign of mailshots, precisely targeted to offer your services to people who already trust you because they have already bought from you. I estimate that many firms could increase their turnover by 10-20% every year, simply by reminding their clients of their services regularly.

It is not difficult to prepare a calendar of events upon which to plan a campaign of regular contacts with your clients. At this point, delegate! Lawyers are not Editors, nor are they, with a few notable exceptions, readable writers. More importantly, it is a poor use of expensive time; an hour to outline what you want, and an hour to finalise and approve the result, should be your commitment.

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A quarterly news sheet to all clients showcasing all your services, letters reminding them that their will may not reflect their wishes or circumstances, comments, aimed at specific groups, on aspects of legislation which may cost them taxwise, employment law changes for the businesses and IP protection for the creative clients, are just a few possible topics. Contacting your clients with information, shows them you are thinking about them, and are ‘on the ball’. It may lead them to refer you to someone else as well. Stereotyping as ‘that bright bunch of lawyers who look after me’ is what you really seek.


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