Law firm marketing basics: No.2 – telemarketing

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Often derided, but often it can’t be beaten – telemarketing is a marketing ‘Marmite’ activity if ever there was one. It is best used for targeting potential commercial clients. The beauty of a telemarketing project is that you can tailor it according to your needs. Jon Hepburn from The Fedora Consultancy takes a closer look – find out more below.

As with all things, a little planning goes a long way and there are some practicalities that are useful to note.

Objective: To make initial verbal contact to identify and start a dialogue with the relevant decision-maker of the target potential commercial clients. Calling individuals/households that are not your clients is definitely not good practice.

Purchase a database of target firms: A Direct Marketing Agency accredited firm is strongly recommended. Database selections are usually made based on SIC code/industry category, turnover and geographic location. Prices vary according to the amount of data required e.g. telephone, postal address, named decision-maker, email address and whether for single or multiple use.

Note that not all businesses will be available, due to them belonging to the Telephone Preference Service. Your telemarketing provider’s call software should pick these numbers up automatically before the call is answered.

The initial approach is not designed to sell services straight away; rather, it is designed to ‘Push the door open’, Identify the decision-maker, establish the potential demand for your services, and an agree next steps or a  method of staying in contact.

Call guidelines: In conjunction with your chosen telemarketing agency, you’ll need to develop a set of call guidelines (a rigid script with overt sales patter is not going to work) and questions that will encourage the information that you need.

‘Strike rate’: As a guide, a telemarketing agency would be able to make about 100 calls per day with one call in three getting through to a ‘gatekeeper’ or secretary to make initial contact for ongoing marketing purposes. About one in six get’s through to a decision-maker.

Reporting: A daily report containing the actions and outcomes from the ‘phone calls should be provided for follow-up purposes. With some telemarketing agencies you can listen  in to the calls being made.

Top tips on researching new clients for law firms

  • Use to target potential commercial clients
  • Start a dialogue, don’t ‘sell’
  • Database from DMA member. Price varies according to amount of contact data required
  • Develop call guidelines with your telemarketing agency
  • Strike rate guide – one call in three would get through to a decision-maker/secretary

Also of interest would be a previous posting “Telemarketing; it’s good to talk – and great to listen”.

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