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Our aim is to draw a line in the sand under physical file storage and from a point forward in time digitise lawyers’ files as they complete.

We first began in 1998 and have gone from strength to strength. We will build your electronic archive into the future. Properly managed and applied the process can become free and even profitable to any lawyer’s practice.

Once scanned the files are added to your expanding database of completed files which may be searched, viewed, copied, printed, or e mailed at the touch of a button. The dangers, costs and time spent maintaining a physical archive, retrieving, re-storing and destroying etc are all gradually reduced to nil as your destruction period reduces your paper mountain to nothing as your digital archive builds.

Retaining a paper archive is both dangerous and untenable as the incidence of  loss, premature destruction and mis-filing are ever present, followed sooner or later by the inevitable PII claim which could seriously damage or even bankrupt a practice causing the loss of decades of goodwill.


John West, Managing Director

t: 0121 744 4510


‘… our decision to use your services for digitising files as soon as they are complete has gone exactly as you said it would’ M… solicitors Witshire

‘… we would have to say that having Archive File Management deal with our archiving has saved us a considerable amount of storage space, time and cost. We would certainly recommend it….’ D… Solicitors West Midlands

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