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IRN ResearchIRN Research (trading name of IRN Consultants Ltd) was formed in 1991 and has a strong track record in providing market research services and client satisfaction surveys to law firms of all sizes.

David Mort, co-founder and director of IRN Research, has over 20 years experience in the market research sector and has developed a modular client satisfaction survey package which is cost effective and accessible to law firms whatever their size and research budget. Options range from online surveys through to telephone surveys and more detailed face-to-face interviews with clients. Surveys can be undertaken on a regular basis or as a one-off exercise.

Client surveys are a key tool for understanding client needs, evaluating client satisfaction, and identifying areas for service improvement. In addition, they can identify other client demands and potential new sales opportunities. IRN is a member of the Market Research Society (MRS) and abides by its Code of Conduct so all research is completely confidential and carried out by IRN staff with a background in the legal services sector.

IRN offers a range of other bespoke research services to law firms including competitor analysis, market surveys, and strategic reports. Our published report UK Legal Services Market 2010 provides a market review with forecasts of the legal services market.

IRN is also a partner in a new web site which enables law firms and solicitors to put their reputation online by using their client feedback to reach a wider potential audience.

Research for Competitive Edge in a Changing Legal Market


David Mort
Director, IRN Research
Landline: 0121 635 5210
Fax: 0121 635 5211


Most of our clients prefer to remain anonymous so the testimonials below are unattributed. However, we would be happy to pass their contact details onto you in confidence if you contact us direct.

“We are constantly seeking feedback from users on our services. IRN Research offers a truly pan-European research service and their online user surveys for us are giving us valuable qualitative and quantitative research results which are crucial in helping to shape our development. I have been a client of IRN Research for many years and will continue to turn to them when I need reliable and accurate research results and analysis delivered in a cost-effective and timely way”.

“We have maintained a highly successful relationship with IRN for well over a decade. During this time, we have been supplied with very high quality data, research and analysis. In an ever-changing market, where we require quick and regular information updates, IRN continues to prove itself an excellent research resource”.

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