So what is your firm actually worth?

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In the last of four articles, CoreLegal founder member Ray Fox (from the Bottom Line Consultancy) provides more insights into his specialist work as acting as a broker selling Law Firms.

The difficulty is that law firms differ from one another in the same way that cars or houses differ from one another.  Is a Smart Car worth the same as a Mercedes 450SL just because they both have 2 doors and a wheel in each corner?  Is a three bedroom house in Brixton worth the same as a three bedroom house in Brighton?

Suppose you owned a firm with a gross fee income of £400K including client account interest.  You make £150K in profit, have a client database with 2,000 names and addresses and a will bank with 3,000 possible probates.  One way at looking at the value of the goodwill of a firm would be to look at what it would cost to start from scratch and build up a firm from nothing where it has such a turnover, such a profit, such a database, etc.

In firms with a mix of type of work, say, conveyancing, estate planning, matrimonial, commercial, personal injury, immigration, etc, the key is to identify what I have always called “the propensity for repeat business”.  Generally, private client work has a lower propensity for repeat business as clients generally don’t die more than once, move more than once every 7 years, trip over paving stones on a regular basis, get divorced more than once, etc.

On the other hand, if you are offering your clients commercial support, such as company/commercial, commercial employment, commercial property, etc, there is a much greater likelihood that the client will come back time after time after time, perhaps half a dozen times a year for a period of 10 years.

There is still a risk that you might lose the Client should the practice change hands – this is always a risk when Principals sell their Practices, but if you retain such a client, they’re likely to be worth significantly more than a private client who comes back after 10 years because they need residential conveyancing.

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