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‘Do solicitors value their reputation as a marketing tool?’

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The following statement was made to me by a solicitor  ‘Clients often do not fully understand what they are buying, hence any client review is meaningless’.  I take the opposite view  – It is because clients don’t know exactly what they’re buying that they rely on reviews from others. A few observations:

  • People will ‘buy’ on reputation but many law firms don’t seem to want to ‘sell’ themselves on that basis.
  • Is this part of that strange paradox where collectively solicitors seem sometimes not particularly highly thought of; but individually, between the client and the solicitor, the trust is absolute.
  • The bigger picture must be ‘How to leverage the role of the trusted advisor?’ to engage more regularly with clients and potential clients by providing services that clients would be happy to purchase from their legal advisers.
  • Competing on price makes no sense at all and client’s perceptions of value are certainly not just about the cost of legal advice.

I have had some feedback elsewhere to this topic but having this opportunity to widen the debate, I would be most interested to hear your views.

To compare or not to compare…

Declaring an interest here (another role of mine is as MD of the free online interactive solicitor directory ) I am of course keen to find out the views of solicitors on this topic. With that in mind I approached Paul Bennett, from Bennett’s Legal in Shrewsbury commented:

“We are very client focused and solutions driven and that really sets us apart from our competitors.  Comparison sites are one of a series of ways of getting this across. No one method will work alone but I felt now is the time to explore the new communication opportunities.”

As a backdrop to this it may be useful to remind solicitors about the results from a YouGov survey published in The Law Gazette last November which showed that ‘More than 60% of the public cannot name a single law firm… even though 78% have used a solicitor before.’

I believe the survey results made clear that there has never been a better opportunity to promote your reputation and your brand to potential new clients looking for legal advice. The brand ‘solicitor’ is a valuable one – the implied trust and relationship that develops between a client and their legal advisor should be a great source of competitive advantage.

A planned approach to marketing and your communications strategy is the key. Not just a ‘we need an advert, deadline yesterday’ but effectively using the internet and online networking tools can greatly enhance the presence of your firm in your target markets, as well as your firm’s reputation.

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