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Is your brand stereotyped?

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Frequently solicitors gain reputations in one field when they would also welcome work in several others to keep their offices busy. Few solicitors have not been exasperated to find a client has used another firm, for work they could have done, through the client’s mistaken perception of their abilities.

Maybe you are a solicitor who rejoices in your specialism – you have carved out a niche practice and people beat a path to your door. This article is not for you. This is for solicitors for whom the words “I didn’t know you did that.” are the sound of fees going to another firm.

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Increasing use of the internet and recommendations when looking for solicitor

on 28 March, 2010 No comments yet -

Welcome to online recommendationsMore and more consumers are embracing the Internet as a route to finding a solicitor, according to new independent research from YouGov PLC for

While recommendations from friends, relatives, and colleagues are still by far the most important method of choosing a law firm or solicitor, Web sources are the next most important channels.

Alongside general search engines like Google, Yahoo etc, the survey points to a clear interest in Web sites containing consumer reviews and ratings of law firms and solicitors suggesting that word of mouth marketing

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