Last night’s TV political debate – style over substance?

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TV Election DebateWatched the TV debate last night and had a couple of thoughts as to how it related it to consumer behaviour.

As someone who has ignored/become disillusioned with politics (voting, but voting for the one I disagreed with least) I turned over a new leaf and was ready to seeing who caught my eye – but not necessarily be drawn into the detail of what they had to offer. Commercially I guess I was ‘in the shop’ if not yet ‘ready to buy’.

I thought the format of the TV debate was excellent. It was a great stepping-stone in taking a political party and matching it to a personality – if not particularly their policies. By giving party politics a bit of X-factor style presentation perhaps a significant step in engaging with more of the electorate i.e. their customer base?

As The Times newspaper says in their editorial this morning about last night’s programme ‘most people will have been struck more by what they saw than what they heard’ – a point I agree with. Style over substance leading to an impulse ‘purchase’?

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